GMC Sonoma


Those who are badly in need of a bumper for their GMC Branded vehicle, GMC Sonoma bumper would probably be the best fit for them. Basically, this bumper is pretty much popular all over the world because it is used as a safety feature in GMC Sonoma branded vehicles. However, besides having a Sonoma bumper, the GMC branded vehicles come in a number of different features.

First of all, the fuel economy of is 14 / 18 mpg which is quite perfect when compared with other vehicles. Most importantly, this vehicle can be available in a number of many different colors like cherry red metallic, fire red, flame yellow, indigo blue metallic, onyx black, pewter metallic, polo green metallic and lastly sandalwood metallic and summit white. On the other side, the interior portion can be found in three different colors like beige, graphite and pewter. The combined mpg is 15 where the capacity of its fuel tank is 18 gal. On the other side, the base engine size is 4.3 L where it’s a gas type base engine. Basically, you will find three different types of suspensions. The first one is front independent suspension, the second one is short and long arm suspension and the last but not the least is solid live axle rear suspension.

The GMC Sonoma Rear Bumper and GMC Sonoma Front Bumper are also available in StepBumperDepot at an affordable price for your GMC branded vehicle.