GMC Sierra 3500


In general, the system of the GMC SIERRA 3500 bumper, which includes the GMC SIERRA 3500 front bumper, is consist of the similar components or structure. What you can see is just the cover of the bumper which made of a component called thermoplastic, and it has the great ability to absorb energy. Below the cover of you bumper, you will discover two types of energy absorbers with a piston. Behind all these components are the bumper bars and bumper brackets, also referred to as the reinforcement. At the time of silly impact collisions, at first the mechanical energy absorbers are crushed, and then it collapse, however they get back to their previous state.

Therefore, they are yet to be reused though they appear damaged and in this manner, you may replace just the cover of your bumper and the other components that have been damaged crushed repair. Other types of different bumpers out in the store don’t have all those components in the whole bumper system. A few of them don’t have covers, while others just have the bumper cover, brackets and the reinforcement. You will also find a number of bumpers with the cover layered with the reinforcement, therefore if any serious damages occur, you would have to restore the entire bumper system. GMC SIERRA 3500 Bumper is also consist of GMC SIERRA 3500 rear bumper.