Chevrolet S10 Pickup



Chevy S10 Bumper

 The Chevy S10 Pickup Bumpers are basically made of pretty durable plastic or sheetmetal material, but similar to any other component that makes up the exterior of S10, these are still quite vulnerable to wear and damage. Cracks, dents, scratches, and fading or peeling of paint are just few of the headaches you will need to face with your Chevy S10 pickup bumpers throughout its lifetime. Anyway, with regular and proper maintenance, you will surely be able to mitigate or prevent these common issues.

Would you really like to keep the Chevy S10 bumper in a nice condition?

Let me give you some effective tips and tricks that works actually. At first, the thing you have to do is to use the appropriate products for cleaning purpose. Whenever you are going to wash the bumper, it is extremely recommended to make use of the car shampoo diluted in warm water, since the solution is highly effective in eliminating dust, dirt, and stains from the surface without doing any damage in its clear protective coating. In addition, you ought to stay away from using a sponge, brush, or a rag in applying the cleaning solution, since this may be extremely difficult on the surface and leave little scratch marks. Instead, simply make use of a soft microfiber cloth or wash mitt.