Chevrolet S-10


Not only designed for your safety while on transit but Chevy s10 bumper also plays a vital role when loading and offloading your truck. In addition to safety, therefore, you get a stylish look and work made easier at the same time. The Chevy s10 rear and front bumpers are now an essential and standard part of your truck that we have customized to meet your needs at our outlet. The designs of the bumpers have ensured that chevy s10 remains on top of popular models ever made by Chevrolet. Those constantly loading and unloading will find the efficiency that comes with the Chevy s10 rear bumper. It looks sharp and is designed to handle 300 pounds tongue weight and can manage a towing capacity of up to 3500 pounds. That is why you require quality replacement parts from inside to the body of your pickup truck. You may get parts that may fit well but do not much the manufacturer's specifications.

Don't be a victim of counterfeits by visiting us for quality products that are warranted. The handy center at the rear is fitted with a step pad to complete the look and prevent injuries during the loading and offloading. With us, you are guaranteed of quality at all times.