Chevrolet Blazer 2003


Car bumpers like 2003 Chevrolet blazer bumper or front bumper are one of the most essential and vital auto components. Both an aesthetic and practical function is served by them. They are also considered as the important safety features.

Car bumpers are basically made of heavy sheet metals and they are mounted on the rear and front of your car. The most important facts about the car bumpers are that, they are bent and at the same time formed into particular shapes for the purpose of absorbing and delivering momentum at the time of collision. Usually the car bumpers have the great ability to absorb few of the impact in the event of a collision, which basically lowers the damage to the car you have and its occupants at the same time. Additionally, car bumper does protect the front of your car by diverting all the momentum of your car to the thing with which the bumper has collided. The car bumper is mounted to the chassis of your car with particular impact absorbers. If you take a look at these shock absorbers, they you will find that they are often spring loaded. Basically it permits the bumper of the car to compress in slow speed collisions, and after that, prolong back to its genuine position.