Chevrolet Astro


The Chevrolet ASTRO Bumper is mainly for those who are actually looking for a bumper for their gas type engine. This bumper is quite popular all over the world at present just because of having some unique features. First of all, this bumper is consist of regular unleaded fuel which is the most unique feature. The fuel type capacity of this bumper is 25 gal. where the range in miles is 350.0 / 450.0 mi. Again, if you take a look at the EPA mileage, it will for sure make you surprised.

The EPA mileage is 14 / 18 mpg. At present, you will find a number of different online stores in order to purchase the ASTRO van front bumper. But majority of the stores will not be able to provide you with the quality product. Again, the price of the CHEVROLET ASTRO front bumper may vary from one store to another. Some stores offer this item at an expensive rate but you may expect quality items from them where some stores may give this item at an affordable price but in that case, quality may not meet your expectation. Therefore, StepBumperDepot plays a very unique role while selling this item to their valuable customers. So visit today and get the best product at the best price!