What Are The Best Materials For Car Bumpers?

What Are The Best Materials For Car Bumpers?

The seatbelts are not the only safety features on our cars. The fascinating technology of car bumpers fulfills the need for a vehicle’s safety. Find out what makes up these special safety features.

Car Bumpers

Car bumpers are made to shield a vehicle from physical damage at the extreme ends in low-impact collisions. Bumpers are however not created to mitigate injuries to passengers in the event of a car crash. They specifically protect the exhaust, hood, fuel, the lights, headlamps, cooling system, and the trunk. However, recent technology has led to evolution of bumpers which can absorb heavy impact to minimize injuries on pedestrians who may be struck by the car.

The best rear bumpers consist of high absorptive materials with a high crush function. Such materials include fiberglass, plastics, and composite substances. Without a question, the bumper material must have the capacity to absorb shock i.e. by reducing the effect of collision or nullifying it. Take metal bumpers for instance; they convey the force exerted from one end to another with negligible loss in energy and therefore do not make good materials for bumpers. Plastic bumpers on the other side absorb exerted force and minimize the impact. Rubbers are the other materials that can nullify the collision effect quite easily.  

Are you searching for proper car bumper materials? Aluminum and steel are some of the great materials for car bumpers. But if you want practical and stylish designs, consider rubber and metal bumpers or the modern plastics.

When it comes to size, 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 rear bumpers are big and are designed through techniques such as roto-molding, injection molding, and blow molding. The various techniques are used in making bumpers for different car models.

Parts of a Dodge ram bumper

Contemporary bumpers integrate a number of materials for high efficiency.

  • Spring

One of the shock absorbency materials is the spring device which connects the front bumper to a metal chassis. This material absorbs small impacts preventing damages to the car.

  • Lateral beam

The lateral beam is a supportive structure and can be made of aluminum or steel

  • Honeycomb

This part appears over the lateral beam. It takes the shape of an egg-crate and is made of HDPE. It is the material that determines the external shape of the bumper apart from giving more support. For the 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 rear bumper, the honeycomb is attached to other components of the car body. In case of a car crash, this part gets damaged but cannot be seen from outside.

  • Bumper cover

The bumper cover may be made of a flexible plastic, urethane, or polyethylene material. It is mounted on the outside and it is the element of the bumper that gives a finished appearance. It may be painted with the right color to match or upgrade the car décor. They are originally crafter do resist impact such that they take hits without getting damaged.

A lot of car owners think that price, comfort, and fuel consumption are the crucial aspects of their automotives. But when your main concern is reaching your destination safely, make the above safety advancement features top priorities before you buy a new vehicle.