This Is How To Restore The Face Of Your Car

This Is How To Restore The Face Of Your Car

Maintaining the perfect shape of your car bumper is not always easy if you use the car on a daily basis. Regardless of your efforts, UV damage, scratches, road dust, and parking commotions are inevitable. A trip to a car body shop is a great solution for the weathered looks of your precious vehicle. Do you want to learn simple and less costly repairs that can upgrade the appearance of your car’s bodywork? Don’t get it twisted, some situations will require you to take your vehicle to a professional automotive repair shop e.g. if the car has been crashed. But if you want to simply freshen up the physical appeal of your aging car, you can take some advice on this DIY approach. It will save you cash on minor paint issues, bumper cracks, and gouges.

  • Get the material

Save your time and money by finding the necessary materials before starting your project. Know your car’s paint code to help you get the necessary supplies online or from a local auto parts store. Look for generic materials and make sure they are sufficient. If your truck’s bumper is damaged, consider Ford Super Duty front bumper for replacement. Make sure you get a complete set of repair kit too. If you are doing touch-up painting, you will need slightly different materials from spot painting.

  • Find the right color

Figure out the right paint needed for your faded Ford Super Duty bumpers. Check under the hood or inside the driver’s door jamb to know the factory paint code which will help you find the right color name.

  • Get ready

Experts can tell you that car repairs become easier if the body panel with the fault is isolated. Your car bumper, for instance, is easy to pull out but you need to do research in advance to know if it something you can do on your own; if not, take your car to an expert. If you don’t isolate the bumper, you may add masking to prevent unnecessary overspray on components that don’t need fixing.

  • How to repair front bumper gouges

Ford truck bumpers are strong; they absorb low-collision impact and return to their normal shape as if it’s nothing. But sometimes colliding with another vehicle or heavy object can leave a mark which presents as a deep gouge on the smooth bumper surface. Often the paint will scratch off from the point of impact, giving a poor look.

To rectify such an eyesore, 600-grit sandpaper should be used on the spot to smoothen it. A sanding block is important in this process so that equal pressure may be applied over the damaged surface area and no grooves will be formed on the plastic bumper. It is necessary that the affected part be masked off to avoid over-sanding.

After smoothing off the area, a surface cleaner is applied to eliminate any remaining debris. Then, a flexible epoxy filler should be applied to fill up the depressions. The best filler should be easy to mix and set quickly.