Shopping Tips To Help You Bump Into The Ideal Bumper

Shopping Tips To Help You Bump Into The Ideal Bumper

You have bumpers on your SUV or truck but you never give much attention to them until you get involved in a car collision. That is when you realize that your 2006 Ford f150 Rear Bumper has saved you bucks or even your life. Bumpers may not give you 100% protection but they absorb some impact in case of a crash. They also keep the delicate car parts e.g. the radiator safe. Sometimes the integrity of the bumper gets compromised and that is when you need a replacement piece rather than repair. You will have to navigate through different styles and materials that will fit perfectly into your vehicle. If you are looking for a replacement bumper, this is your handy guide.


  • What do you use your vehicle for?
  • Vehicle use can determine what kind of replacement bumper you need. The bumper is predisposed to different conditions depending on how you use your car. If you like city driving, you may pick any style and material of the bumper. If you like off-road adventures, you might want a heavy duty bumper like 2007 Ford f150 Rear Bumper. The best materials for off-road driving include winches and metals as they help you navigate tough terrain, swampy places, and muddy potholes. If you use your car for racing, what you need is a bumper that can cope with the physical abuse of racing circuits. Such risks can be handled effectively by carbon fiber or plastic bumpers. Opt for carbon fiber for moderate racing and plastic for frequent racing.

  • What style do you prefer?
  • A bumper is one element of a vehicle that makes or breaks the appearance of your vehicle. A replacement bumper needs to match the appearance of your car. So, take time to check the various designs and colors available before you settle for a replacement bumper.

  • Replacement cost:
  • The cost of replacement is a factor of the car model and the bumper material. A plastic or fiberglass 2006 Ford f150 Rear bumper costs more money than a chrome plated bumper.

  • Material:
  • Car bumpers are made of metal, carbon fiber, fiberglass, or plastic (polyresin). Every material has its pros and cons. The plastic materials are the most common bumper materials in car body shops. They are hard and the best for impact resistance. However, they cannot be sanded and when they crack, it is hard to repair the plastics. The fiberglass bumpers are light yet sturdy. They are sandable and easier to repair. But they are less flexible than plastic bumpers and crack easily. If you want a heat resistant, durable, and light bumper, opt for the carbon fiber material. The strongest and most durable bumpers are metallic. They are ideal for off-road vehicles.

    Due to the function and location of the car bumper, it is bound to crack or bend at some point. The damage ranges from scratches, small dents, buckling, to complete distortion. You should get Ford f150 Rear Bumper Replacement when the latter happens.