How to Purchase the Best Car Bumper Replacement

How to Purchase the Best Car Bumper Replacement

If you had a minor accident and hit something or another car but it wasn’t too serious, the bumper would be the one most affected. Depending on which side the accident happened, you will have to replace your bumper. As long as none of the interior components of your car were destroyed, you can easily replace the bumper without having to involve your insurance company. When going out to buy the Ford Ranger rear bumper, you need to understand exactly what to look off otherwise you may end up being ripped off especially if you don’t know a reliable parts shop.


This is mostly guided by your previous bumper as it would be the safest option to go with. However, you can change to a different one if you believe it will serve you better. The common materials for car bumpers are steel, aluminum, fiber glass, carbon fiber and plastic. You definitely don’t need a plastic bumper unless your budget is very low since it does not provide much protection. Your best options would be aluminum, carbon fiber and fiber glass as they are lightweight, easy to install and repaint.

Should Be Certified:

Depending on where you are, the bumper should have a certification label from the quality assurance authority. Do your research on what to look for depending on your region but ensure that there is one on the bumper that you choose before purchasing.


These are basically the tools you need to install the bumper on your car. Some Ford Ranger bumper replacement come with their own set of bolts and screws that make it easier and cheaper for you to buy. However, some are sold separately so you will have to make sure that you get all the correct accessories that will be needed to replace the bumper on your car.

New or Used:

It is possible to buy used bumpers from salvage yards. However, you need to be very sure that it is the right fit for your vehicle before purchasing. Another thing to check is what happened to the car it belonged to. This is to ensure that the bumper isn’t destroyed in any other way that you may not see which will be problematic for you later.


This should guide the kind of bumper that you get so you need to be generous but reasonable about it. Remember that expensive doesn’t necessarily mean that the bumper is of good quality. What you should look at are the features such as the material it is made from and its market certification. Once you have put this in mind, you can be sure that you will get the best bumper for your car.

Buying a great bumper is a process that will take you to many shops before you can settle on the best one. This is why you need to have adequate information on what to look for and how to ensure that the bumper you choose is perfect for your car in terms of fit and functionality.