How To Paint Your Accidently Hit Car Bumper?

How To Paint Your Accidently Hit Car Bumper?

Did anyone bump into you car at the parking and got the paint-off the Chevrolet S10 Rear Bumper? Unfortunately it is a bad experience. At this stage, the only thing is to get the paint done of that part of the car.

The first thing is to check the damage suffered immediately. In fact, if the bumper has only surface scratches, just apply it over the abrasive bumper paste and polish.

The bumper abrasive paste can be bought safely on the internet at a price that never exceeds $5-10 for 150 grams tubes. Once purchased, put a little on a cotton swab and apply a slight pressure by rubbing on the scratch surface, making circular movements. Then wait 5-10 minutes and, in case, do a second pass.

After finishing work, wash the treated part with plenty of water, then dry and polish all with polishing polish for car (which you bought earlier at a cost of $8-10 for 500 ml cans).

The bumpers have the very important task of preventing and limiting the damage caused by collisions and absorbing shocks by deforming the material they are made of. For this reason, resorting to DIY to paint a bumper is not recommended. However, we don’t want to prevent you from doing so and if you are familiar with it you can also do it yourself.

In this case, the most difficult part is the choice of color.Perhaps, not everyone knows it, But each car has it’s own color code that define its basic coloring and from which different variants exist.

For example, if you have a gray car, you can not simply buy gray, but you have to check which gray is it (art, silver, intellectual, polished, pleat, graphite, track). How to do? No fear, the color code of the machine lies on the upright or in the luggage rack.

Once you buy the paint in the shop or on the internet, the first thing to do is disassemble the bumper. Then take a screwdriver and remove the screws that stop the bumper at the body, then pull the bumper towards you to unhook it from the car.

At this point, take the glass paper, bake it and pass it on the bumper to correct the imperfections. Allow to dry and clean the bumper with detergent.

After finishing the work, go to the actual painting. Hold the spray can about 10-15 cm away from the bumper and paint the affected surface, then let it dry for a few hours and apply a second paint.

After drying, reassemble the bumper on the machine by fixing it with the screws previously removed.

On average, spending is around $450-550, but there is no price standard because they have the potential to affect the final costs:

  • car model (for size and complexity of the workpiece assembly);
  • color of the car (white is the cheapest, while the most pale colors are pearls, followed by opaque and metallic);
  • type of 2001 chevy s10 rear bumper bumper (front bumper repairs are more expensive than rear ones because the front is more complex and consists of grille, diffuser, upper bumper and sub-carriers);
  • paint type (the paint does not only have aesthetic functions, but is the first vehicle protection as it prevents contact with the atmosphere and the island from oxidizing agents).