How To Beautify Your Car with Bumper Magnet Stickers?

How To Beautify Your Car with Bumper Magnet Stickers?

Everyone loves their first car. The craze to make it look beautiful is totally a different experience. You must have often searched accessories to decorate different body parts to give a different look to your car. Some are interested to refresh the interior while some prefer to beautify the car externally. The external modifications include car stickers for bonnet, bumper and full body. Apart from these you can search some other external accessories like vintage mirrors, eyelids, bonnet, bonnet scoop, body kit, rocker panels, bumper, rear diffuser and wheels.

Among all these exterior accessories bumper magnet stickers are widely used. One can choose the readymade stickers or create magnetic bumper stickers of their own. Here are some tips to do so:

#1. Buy a magnetic sheet

It depends upon the shape of magnet you are expecting for your bumper. This will help you determine the type of magnetic sheet you must buy. Some of the sheets come pre-cut (with perforations) and are ideal for rectangular plain stickers. You can also go for uncut leaves however will allow you to create complex and unique designs and shapes.

#2. Draw your design

Draw a design of your choice on the magnetic sheet with the markers on whether it will create an artistic bumper sticker. If you want to create one with the little more structure and formality you can run a greeting card program on your computer and open a template that you like the most and edit the text by the words you want to say.

#3. Insert your magnetic sheet into the printer
This step is required, if you are using a computer program to make your magnetic sticker and trying to print the design on the magnet. In case you are designing your own magnet with markers and an artistic touch, give up this step.

#4. Cut out the design of the magnet you want to create with scissors
This will be a simple task to follow the perforated lines in case of acquiring a pre-cut magnetic sheet. An uncut sheet will allow greater freedom in reducing different shapes for your magnet top.

#5. Brush a clear contact on the top of the magnet you just created
This will help protect it from the weather and prevent premature discoloration or ink stroke. Allow the contact to dry before slapping to the top.

#6. Applying the magnetic stickers
For magnetic stickers, it’s the same process like applying normal stickers. The beneficial fact about bumper magnet stickers that you can easily remove or reapply them on your 2011 GMC Sierra Rear Bumper without any damage. The magnets have strong power to stick around the bumper even if you are driving on high speed. If the magnet is properly applied then there is no change of flying it off, so make sure you fix them nicely. The other precaution we suggest to is to avoid washing your car with a powerful washer that could deteriorate the magnet’s adhesive. Moreover, when you re-apply the magnet make sure the bumper’s surface is dry.