How to Act in Case Your Parked Car Is Hit Accidentally?

How to Act in Case Your Parked Car Is Hit Accidentally?

One of the worst nightmares of motorists is to park their car in the street and then find the car rotten or accidentally returned to the car park where they left it or the bumper spoiled.

Unfortunately, especially if you use the car in the chaotic and busy city and you do not have a private box or you do not have the option to leave your vehicle in a guarded parking lot, the chances of getting your car parked in the damaged road are rather high.

How to act in case of parked car found rigged? In the unfortunate case where you also have to deal with such an episode, here are the behaviors to follow selected by some experts apart from opting for 2007 Ford f150 rear bumper replacement.

Make a complaint against unknown
In the case of a parked car found rigged or incident, the first advice we give you is to go to a police station or carabinieri and present the so-called complaint against unknown. In this regard, remember to include in the complaint document a detailed description of all the damage found on your vehicle.

Once this is done, the court will give you a copy of the complaint you will have to keep and, if you want to file a claim for damages, send it to your insurance company as an attachment to your claim for reimbursement.

Secondly, as anticipated, you can try to submit a claim for damages to the insurance company from which you signed your RCA policy. In this regard, however, you must know that the insurance will start the iter for the possible repayment of the damage only if you have subscribed to an ancillary guarantee on your vehicle and in particular a car insurance for vandalism.

This is an optional policy that covers, as is apparent from the name, the vandalistic acts on cars or the consequent damage to behaviors such as riots, violent breaches and acts of vandalism. If you have integrated your RC base with this optional policy, the insurance company will appoint an expert to determine the nature and nature of the damage.

If the claim for compensation is accepted by your insurance, it is important to point out that the refund covers the entire value of the damage only if the claim is higher than a minimum set as contracted. Additionally, we remind you that the policy for vandalism covers only damage to the bodywork and therefore does not reimburse, for example, damage to glass and windscreen.

In case you have a car insurance without a collateral warranty for vandalism, getting your car damage refund will not be so easy unless you can track down the person responsible or find a witness that they have succeeded Take note of the license plate of the culprit suffered so that it can be traced back to your personal data.

Install a camera on the dashboard
Last but not least, to capture vandalism in flagrante is very difficult, a good solution against vandalism may be to install special dashboard cameras which, equipped with infrared, allow you to resume any possible behavioral behaviors that damage your car even at night.

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